Donate Crypto To Charity By Playing Games With Impact NFTs On PlayMining

GameFi featured DEA in an article about the top web3 companies devoted to tackling some of the most pressing issues faced by modern societies. DEA they use P2E to help people from poor communities in southeast Asian states get supplemental income. Moreover, it  is involved in a lot of other business development activities in SEA with the goal of supporting social impact, like a recent partnership. DEA also uses PlayMining to support small businesses and independent content creators. The first impact NFT, Digital Entertainment Asset PlayMining, and the makers of most of the games on the platform designed them to make social impact easy.

Kozo Yamada, cofounder and coCEO, explained that they wanted to assist in helping make donations easier for younger people. Now, anyone can donate to those in need by simply playing a game. Their games include Job Tribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, Graffiti Racer and Lucky Farmer, with their newest game title Lost Archive + launching soon. PlayMining P2E games give players DEAPcoin, which they can trade on popular exchanges, or spend on PlayMining NFT.The impact NFT on PlayMining GameFi will automatically give a portion of P2E rewards when you use the NFT inside games.

DEA also partners with third-party indie game studios to create new P2E games on the PlayMining GameFi DEA was searching for a good contender for the first batch of impact NFTs, and came across Djhau, a banana farmer. Djhau opened his banana farm after he had to close his last banana business. Making a Social Trance through the gameFi for Good Impact NFTs are not the first social good initiative the DEA has spearheaded. They’re dedicated to converting gamesfi into something social gamefi for good.

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