Hollywood Writers Protest Against Artificial Intelligence


In one notable case study that made national headlines, an AI-generated song that imitated the styles of hip-hop artists Drake and The Weeknd sent waves of anxiety through the music industry. Deepening existential concerns at the intersection of creativity, authorship, and other creatives are concerned about the displacement of their livelihoods, said Ash Kern.  Leaving Google he made it very clear that Google has been handling the AI quite sensibly. He fears the bad guys out there. He also told Tech Review there are plenty of good things about Google he would want to talk about. He is also worried that AI technologies will in time upend the job market. “The response from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers seems dismissive of the WGA’s concerns,” ChatGPT told Rodman. He shared a screenshot from the chat further states, “The response from the AMPTP seems dismissive of the WGA’s concerns.

Big names such as industrialist Elon Musk, intellectual Noam Chomsky and Hinton,retired from Google and said, I would like to talk about AI safety issues without worrying about how it interacts with Google’s. So long as I am paid by Google, I cannot do that. May 2, 2023 Most recently, the Godfather of AI, Geoffery Hinton retired from Google claiming the technology can be dangerous to the future and he can not criticise it being in Google, hence he left. The list of highprofile personalities condemning the invention is long.  Joshua Gans, a professor at the University of Toronto and co-author of the book “Power and Prediction: The Disruptive Economics of Artificial Intelligence” told in an interview that AI will likely replace humans for some writing tasks like routine letters or press releases. But not if you are talking about writing complex tasks that need some creativity, he added. With the invention of technologies like ChatGPT, many writers and journalists wonder if they will soon lose their jobs. The Hollywood writers call for a mass protest in order to get the AI to step down and restore their jobs.

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