AI And ML Will Power The Digital Transformation of Real Estate


Zillow, a real estate company, has made home search accessible by using natural language search through AI. This allows users to search for homes using words they would use with a friend or an agent. While this is not the pinnacle of AI, it is a first in the real estate industry.

Generative AI is becoming increasingly popular, and Zillow is taking advantage of it to make home searching smarter and easier. It saves time for agents and home shoppers by allowing them to confidently narrow down and tour only the best options. Zillow also offers features like “Saved and Hidden Homes,” which learn about buyers’ preferences as they review each listing. AI is even changing the way shoppers tour homes, allowing them to search on Zillow like they are talking with a friend or an agent. The possibilities for AI in real estate are endless, and Zillow is leading the way.

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