The Godfather of AI Quits Google To Express Concerns About AI


Geoffrey Hinton, a pioneer in artificial intelligence and known as ‘The Godfather of AI,’ has resigned from Google to speak up about the potential dangers of AI. Hinton now regrets his life’s work as he believes AI is becoming increasingly dangerous and could be a risk to humanity. He is now advocating for regulations to keep up with AI innovation and is urging big tech companies to thoroughly comprehend the potential risks of their technology before releasing it to the public.

Hinton was a trailblazing expert in AI and greatly contributed to the technology’s development and success, including the foundational building block of artificial intelligence, the neural network. However, with the gap in ‘intelligence’ between humans and AI closing, Hinton believes generative AI is progressing at a dangerous speed, which could replace jobs, perpetuate historical biases, and even become a risk to humanity.

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