The Ultimate IP Battle Game, NFTDuel Launches Soon: Don’t Miss the Final Test League

NFTDuel is an innovative NFT game that transforms various characters into Web 3.0 gaming experiences. It has already introduced iconic Japanese characters like ULTRAMAN, Astroboy, and CryptoNinja. After a year and a half of development, it’s finally ready for the official public beta launch. To commemorate this milestone, the final test league will be held, allowing participants to join for free and earn rewards based on the league results over a two-week period.

【Final Test League Details】
・Test League Date: July 13 (Thu), 12:00 (UTC) – August 1 (Tue), 9:00 (UTC) ※The end date was extended by 5 days due to a glitch that interrupted the program for 5 days.
※Please note that the last day of the event will end 3 hours prior to the last day of the event.
・Only wallets that have applied can participate. (Applications are already closed)
※Airdrop 42 $FUEL (0.6 * 5 * 14), required for one season in the Bronze 1 League, to the wallet in which participation is requested. (All $FUELs will be Burned after the Final Test League.)
・Public Beta Launch Date: July 12 (Wed)
※The Metamask app on smartphones is required for wallet login. Please confirm in advance that the application wallet can be used with the Metamask app on your smartphone. (This version cannot be used with any wallet app other than Metamask.)
・PvP only. (No NPCs to play against.)
・Matching time is 1 hour.
・All users will start LP200 (Bronze League 1).
・Only NFTDuel cards held by the user can be used.
・Deck has 15 cards; available from Lv.1 to Lv.4. (Up to 3 Genesis cards can be included in the deck.)
・Rewards will be sent to the top finishers in the league.

※In the event of any problems, no correction of results will be provided. Please participate in the final test league only if you agree to this.

1st : Lv.5 Prism Card + $500
2nd : Lv.4 Prism Card + $300
3rd : Lv.3 Prism Card + $200
4th : Lv.2 Prism Card + $100
5th : Lv.1 Prism Card + $80
6th: $50
7th: $50
8th: $50
9th: $50
※Prize is XETA Token with a market value

【Battle recommended times (to facilitate matching)】
To facilitate matching, the following times are recommended for play.
・3:00~4:00 (UTC)
・9:00~12:00 (UTC)
・12:00~15:00 (UTC)

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