Yasuhiro Yamakawa, Associate Professor at Babson College, has been appointed an advisor of XANA JAPAN.

Efforts toward awareness and business expansion in Japan

NOBORDERz, the developer of the Web3.0 metaverse project “XANA,” has announced the appointment of Mr. Yasuhiro Yamakawa, a professor at the top-ranked entrepreneurship education institution in the United States, Babson College, and also a special professor at the University of Tokyo, as an advisor to XANA JAPAN, the Japanese business of the Web3.0 metaverse project, led by CEO Yuuji Mizoguchi.

Mr. Yamakawa teaches entrepreneurship, strategic management, and international business at Babson College, which has produced numerous entrepreneurs and has held the top ranking in entrepreneurship education for 30 consecutive years in the United States. He has also been involved in various entrepreneurship consulting projects and serves as an advisory board member for venture companies. Furthermore, he has authored entrepreneurship textbooks and numerous papers on entrepreneurship and business.

“XANA” is a Web3.0 metaverse that provides a one-stop solution for deploying metaverse in the Web3.0 era, including constructing metaverses, avatars, trading of digital assets, and monetization. It has achieved top-class global success and garnered domestic and international attention. XANA JAPAN, the Japanese business, aims to expand its operations in Japan through collaborations with various companies and influencers to make XANA the world’s leading Web3.0 metaverse in terms of user base, number of creators, economic sphere, and market capitalization.

With Mr. Yamakawa’s extensive knowledge and experience in international business and management, his appointment as an advisor to XANA JAPAN will provide practical advice and support for the business expansion in Japan, contributing to the growth and increased corporate value of XANA JAPAN.

Comment from Mr. Yasuhiro Yamakawa:

I resonate with the vision of XANA JAPAN, which aims to provide “another place” and “another self” to everyone. I firmly believe that it will contribute to solving the 21st-century challenges of “loneliness, boredom, and anxiety.” Leveraging entrepreneurship, which I have been promoting through evangelism activities primarily in the United States, and combining education and entertainment, I want to reach out to more people with XANA JAPAN, utilizing my global connections built through living in eight different countries.

Let’s involve people interested in the metaverse and together create social change towards a “better world”!

Profile of Mr. Yasuhiro Yamakawa:

He is a professor at Babson College, the top-ranked entrepreneurship education institution in the United States, which has produced notable figures such as former Toyota President Shoichiro Toyoda and Aeon Chairman Motoya Okada. He teaches entrepreneurship, strategic management, and international business. In Japan, he is recognized as a leading figure in entrepreneurship and holds positions as a special professor at the University of Tokyo and other universities. He also serves as the representative director of Venture Café Tokyo, a selection committee member for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s J-Startup program, a member of the expert committee on entrepreneurship education for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and a member of the US-Japan Council.

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