‘Ape Traders’ NFT Collection to Launch on Dec. 6

Ape-Traders is bringing forth a collection of ape-themed NFTs that launches on 6th Dec. It is a collection of 7,777 NFTs that offers various perks to the owners. The benefits include access to The Jungle, a weekly update on NFT projects, and The Temple, an exclusive Discord channel.

NFT collections already include “Bored Ape Yacht Club,” “Chibi Apes,” and “The Wild Ape Gang”, and now, they are about to add “Ape Traders”. Animal NFTs are already a rage among NFT creators and collectors, and this new collection will only fuel the craze. The public mint is set to start at 9 PM EST.

Rarity Tools compiled a list of other NFT launches on the same date. “Coalition Crew” and “Metafrens” are holding their public mint.

The “Ape Traders” official website has disclosed that the mint fee of the first 100 minters will get refunded. The project developers are showing their gratitude for the support they are getting.

The owners of ape NFTs will enjoy a couple of ownership perks. Firstly, they’ll get access to what the developers refer to as The Jungle. It is a space exclusive to the members, allowing them to access weekly reports about the hottest new projects yet to be minted. Thus, giving them the opportunity to get hold of their favorite NFTs at ground level.

Secondly, Ape Traders’ owners become a part of a private discord channel called The Temple, an ownership perk that holders will enjoy. They can interact with one another within this channel and get the latest updates regarding NFT news.

The developers of this project want the community to dictate where it goes in the future. They are considering other ideas for the project, including airdrops for holders and exclusive merchandise.

Ape NFTs have been circulating the market for some time and have gained immense popularity among NFT enthusiasts. Animal-themed NFT collections are a sensation in the market, and this venture will be no exception. Without a doubt, the most famous example is “Bored Ape Yacht Club”, which sold for a record-breaking $2.9 million in September.

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