Somdip Dey, a Scientist, Produces Music and NFT Artwork Using AI to Fund his Food Waste Startup

After serving as a lecturer of Computer Science at the University of Essex, Somdip Dey shifted his interest towards forming a startup. His food waste startup, Nosh Technologies, struggled to see the light of the day because the deal fell out with the VC firm. 

Born in India, he grew up in an environment enriched with music because his parents, Soma Dey and Sudip Dey, were artists. After facing a tragic accident, his goal shifted from music towards reducing household food wastage, when he had to survive by salving food from dustbins.

His struggles led him to co-found Nost Technologies, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tech company that employs the latest technology to reduce domestic food wastage. 

The nosh project had funding from Plug and Play Ventures at the start of this year. But, the deal didn’t work. Dey built two AI algorithms that could create music and artwork to support his employees and the company’s operations. He has been selling the artwork on different platforms and generating revenue from his music on streaming apps.

While these methods seem unconventional and unworthy of generating a considerable sum of money, they have helped him collect enough funds for the startup. 

He uses the stage name “InteliDey” for his music, which has been a constant source of comfort during the hardest times. He further adds that his creative process is highly dependent on his emotions. By translating his feelings with the help of the AI algorithm, he determines the length of the song and music genre. Within a few hours, the music is ready. After filtering his playlist, he makes the one he likes the most available to the world. 

Recently, he was introduced to the bounce music scene in New Orleans that inspired him to produce the track “Twerk That Ass”.

Dey reflects, “My teenage years, I got introduced to the music of TiestoArmin van Buuren, and Eric Prydz; and have been always inspired by them. However, given I had zero knowledge on how to create music myself, so, I was dependent on my favorite artists to get the type of music that I like.” However, when the deal for his dream project fell, he actually started looking for ways to fund his startup. 

Thanks to the powerful technology, he ended up with AI algorithms that create music and artwork. So far, he has released them to generate funds for his company. He describes his experience as great because he gets to create the music he enjoys while earning a significant amount from it.

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