Sandbox Takes Over the Metaverse as Demand for Virtual Real Estate Explodes


Sandbox has gained enormous popularity as the best performing crypto token of 2021 by creating a return of 12,500% since the beginning of 2021. It has also recovered from the flash crash over the weekend.

Sandbox Dominating the Metaverse Space while Offering High Gains to the Users

With the rising popularity of the Metaverse space, investors have spent over $100 Million to acquire virtual space on the Sandbox Metaverse platform. A very famous US Rapper, Snoop Dogg, has sold his digital land on the Sandbox Metaverse attracting his fans and thousands of people towards the Metaverse. 

He sold the top five NFT metaverse collections for the Virtual Land in the Sandbox metaverse. Sandbox Metaverse has become the single largest metaverse collection as per the data of A collection of NFT items during its Alpha event, titled “Gears and Ducks”, was unveiled by the platform on December 6. 

Two more NFT collections, “Creator Fund Collection” and “Factions”, are scheduled for release on December 13 and 20, respectively. The trades on the Sandbox’s collections totalled more than $70 Million for over 4,433 assets. It is the only collection in the Metaverse that rakes in the highest dollar amount.

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