Snoop Dogg: Fan ‘Pays £340,500’ to Become Rapper’s NFT Neighbour in Metaverse

A person anonymously bought a virtual land worth £340,500 in the Metaverse next to Snoop Dogg’s digital house. The 50-year-old rapper, Snoop Dogg, has built an interactive Metaverse universe named “Snoopverse”, and all the residents of Metaverse will be called Snoopites or Snoopers.

Like Sims, their avatars can be built by Snoopites, dress up in designer clothes, drive luxurious cars, and build their homes. He is the first rapper to create a virtual metaverse where players can play, build, own, and monetise virtual experiences.

They can profit when other residents visit because residents in Snoopverse also build their plots. The consequence of Sound said Snoop Dogg’s new neighbour would have access to exclusive, members-only parties. Snoop Dogg does not mention Sandbox’s only partner. They own their properties, including Hell’s Kitchen, Deadmau5 and other trademarks. Kings of Leon and Post Malone are examples of other musicians to invest in NFTs.

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