Just Did It: Nike Enters the Metaverse Game Following RTFKT Acquisition

The sportswear manufacturer Nike announced the acquisition of virtual sneakers and collectibles brand RTFKT. This partnership has led to the biggest athletic manufacturer in the United States joining the NFT metaverse bandwagon.

Nike has requested for patenting its namesake, the “just do it” slogan, and the swoosh logo to be used in the virtual world. Also, job postings for virtual material designers were published, indicating the brand’s jump into the metaverse.

The recent acquisition of RTFKT by the big brand has confirmed its interests in the virtual ecosystem.

By acquiring RTFKT, the company intends to merge culture and gaming and deliver the next-gen collectibles to the masses. The plan is to invest in the RTFKT brand while growing Nike’s digital footprint and capabilities.

RTFKT co-founder fully supports the vision and is excited to grow as a brand. It was entirely developed in the metaverse. Hence, Nike will fulfill its goals in the virtual world.

Another big announcement is by German sportswear manufacturer Adidas as they plan to enter the metaverse. They have partnered with NFT companies like Gmoney NFT, Punks Comic, and Bored Ape Yacht Club to explore the NFT ecosystem.

Cointelegraph points out a fragment from an article on the Adidas mobile app. According to it, a metaverse is a place where people can express their original ideas and authentic selves. Because of blockchain and NFTs, people can take any form and create a world of their own.

Facebook, who recently became Meta, also showed its excitement on Adidas’ entry into the metaverse. The wait is tough as huge milestones are expected from big brands like Nike and Adidas.

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