FP CryptoDecoded: Consolidation, GameFi and the metaverse all trends to watch in 2022

Female gamer winning in online video game and celebrating victory, wearing headphones

Decoded Consolidation, GameFi, and Metaverse are the trends to watch for 2022! Big foreign crypto firms that could not operate in Canada might see smaller platforms as ripe targets to acquire to enter the Canadian market. BIGG Digital Assets CEO Mark Binns said he sees regulation and integration as key topics for Canada next year.

Binns expects to see more consolidation of cryptocurrency mining companies, DeFi, and crypto trading platforms by 2022. NDAX chief operating officer Tanim Rasul says video games are beginning to offer rewards for playing and donating some time. He saw more people taking part because he could convert those tokens into fiat currencies to pay bills.

GameFi was a continuation of Web3, viewed by many as the next version of the World Wide Web. All panelists agreed that traditional banking in Canada has yet to get on board with cryptocurrencies. Big banks have yet to make any crypto offers and will not even bank any crypto companies in Canada.

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