Twitter Debuts Hexagon-Shaped NFT Profile Pictures

Twitter Inc. announces the launch of a tool that will allow users to have non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as their Twitter profile picture. The feature is available on iOS for the company’s Twitter Blue subscription service, allowing users to connect their crypto wallets, where users store their NFT holdings, to Twitter accounts.

Last year, the craze for digital collectibles exploded, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey joined the bandwagon by auctioning the first-ever tweet as an NFT. Like many other companies, Twitter is also cashing on the crypto trends like NFTs, a digital asset authenticating items like images, videos, and memes.

Twitter will display the NFT pictures as hexagons to differentiate them from regular users having circular profile pictures. Tapping on the photo will display details about the art and the ownership. Previously, it also added the functionality of allowing users to send and receive Bitcoin.

Proponents of “Web 3” say that the NFTs decentralize ownership online, enabling the users to earn money through popular creations. These developments are allowing users to get their due share rather than the tech platforms acquiring all the benefits. Sales of NFTs reached $25 billion in 2021, and this year, the number will rise as the metaverses develop.


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