Awkward: What if Dragons Hoarded Cryptos Like Dogecoin or NFTs Instead of Gold?


Many people believe that dragons hoard gold but have anyone ever wondered what would be the consequences if they collected cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin or NFTs instead of gold? Adrian Bliss – a British YouTuber with 1.7 million subscribers – has attracted attention through his satirical YouTube sketch.

The video starts with a knight confronting a dragon and asking for its treasure. The dragon replies it has stored all its hoard in a decentralized open-source network as he felt that his hoard was unsafe with him. The only thing knight gets hold of in the dragon’s cave is an NFT.

What’s the Catch? The video alerts the investors about investing in cryptocurrencies, considering their volatile nature. Investors have spent fortunes on cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and BTC as they believe they have a promising future.

Several notable names like Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus have already warned about risky cryptocurrency investments. However, the future of NFTs and cryptocurrencies will become more promising as metaverse becomes more mainstream.

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