The Beatles and John Lennon Memorabilia to be Sold as NFTs

John Lennon’s son, Julian, is selling a few pieces of music history from his personal collection. He will still have the physical item as each piece is being sold as an NFT. Items include a black cape his father wore in the movie “Help!” and some handwritten notes for The Beatles song “Hey Jude.”

While NFTs are the new digital collectibles, critics still believe that there are plenty of risks involved in the market. Another prominent NFT is that of the Afghan coat worn by Lennon in his television film “Magical Mystery Tour” and the three Gibson guitars given to Julian by his father.

Each NFT is available as an audio-visual collectible, with Julian narrating the imagery of the item. It is expected that the NFT with hand-written notes by Paul McCartney will sell at the highest price at the auction. With a starting price of $30,000, the bids are expected to reach more than double the figure.

The online auction is going to take place on the 7th of February. Some part of the proceeds from the NFT sales will go to the White Feather Foundation run by Julian Lennon. NFTs have given digital ownership to items, and the records are kept safe on a shared ledger known as the blockchain.

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