A Letter by YouTube CEO Hints at Potential NFT Features


Anytime soon, you may hear about YouTube NFTs. CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, has suggested in a letter published today that the company is looking to venture into NFTs as another source of revenue for content creators on the platform. The letter outlined the company’s plans in support of its creators.

The letter said that YouTube is focusing on expanding its ecosystem so that creators can capitalise on upcoming technologies like NFTs. All the efforts to embrace new tech will not compromise the experience users enjoy with their favourite platform while creating content.

Wojcicki further said that YouTube is looking towards Web 3 as an inspiration, and keeping in consideration the opportunities that come with crypto, NFTs, and DAOs. The company also plans to invest in gaming and shopping in support of its content creators.

Twitter recently came up with an update where you can flaunt your NFT as a profile picture on the platform via a special hexagonal profile picture. Meta, owned by Facebook, is also preparing to set in the same direction so that users can utilise their tokens. YouTube is following the suit, however, no details were provided.

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