Influencio, The Upcoming Influencer Token Has Commenced Announcing The Joined Influencers

Influencio is the first dedicated blockchain influencer marketing platform with interactive NFTs, GameFi, and SocialFi in an immersive metaverse landscape. Today, it announced that it would officially accept influencers into the INFLUENCE social ecosystem. The project is led by European crowdfunding expert Daniel Dabocchi and Swedish influencer Danjar Kanani. Influence employs more than 200 global TV personalities and influencers from South America, Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa, and Asia.

CMO Danjal Kanani and CEO Daniel Daboczy will lead the project. They will use blockchain and dynamic NFTs with DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi elements to solve key market challenges. Influencio tokens are used to streamline payments and processing, content marketing management, and interaction monitoring features. This project provides a FinTech solution with in-platform features and gamification.

Most people who create content and interact with it on social networks do not generate revenue. At the same time, the global advertising industry, valued at over $190 billion today. Moreover, it is wondering how to enable micro-influencers to act as amplifiers. We firmly believe that Influencio is the solution to many of these problems. This project aims to help millions of people monetize by providing a way to amplify their messages using industry influencer marketing tools.

The social community platform is powered by blockchain technology. A combination of personal reputation, corporate branding, and financial factors can enable influencers and brand owners to reap financial rewards from social interactions. Influencers and brand owners alike will have streamlined payment processes and real-time dashboards to track actions or interactions between influencers and followers.


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