The Selene Gamefi Team is announcing the NFT Gaming Platform for NFT auctions, trades, and listings with the Play to …

Selene Gaming Platform can be called DAO, fully driven by smart contracts .  You may be able to earn NFTs soon after you play a game.  NFM Market Place should be operational by the 15th of February.  Selene Gaming Platform is a unique Metaverse platform.

Players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences using Selene tokens.  The $SENELE Token Utility governance token built on blockchain for transactions on the SelenegamefI platform.  It is possible to stake $SELENE for passive revenue on land .  Staking is the only way to get valuable gems and catalysts that make up assets.

Players spend SELENE on games and equipment or personalize their character.  The SELENE Gaming Platform is completely secured and safe.  Block has audited the smart contract.  The team has lost its way.  Find out more about Selena Gamefi at the bottom of the page.

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