Five GameFi Crypto Tokens that You Should Be Playing

Two happy esports team members celebrating success while giving high five to each other in gaming club

The crypto market appears to have lost its lustre. The total market value is under $2 trillion. Axie Infinity is a game where players buy, breed, and sell axes. Players can cash out their tokens at any time.

Decentraland ($MANA) is a native token of Decentraland, a growing blockchain-powered virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain. The virtual environment called ‘Decentraland Builder’ has hundreds of 3D objects players can use to build or manufacture just about anything.

Gala utilizes NFTs to power up the vote on a new game. There will be more games released by 2022. The Sandbox ($Sand) is an Ethereum based project that allows users to build and explore galaxies. The first trading card game, firezard ($ZARD), is based on the BSC network.

It passively and instantly rewards investors in an attractive and collectible way through NFTs. The game is based on the five dragons that compete with other players. Players get enormous recompense with native tokens such as ZARD and FLAME.

The game is in its infancy and is anticipated to become more successful in the coming months. Crypto and blockchain gaming is a growing area in the crypto and blockchain sector and is likely to expand.

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