Tusk Ventures CEO: Don’t repeat social media mistakes with Metaverse regulations

The failure to regulate cryptocurrency and social media in the united states is good, says Tusk Ventures CEO and founder. He mentioned that it should go ahead of the matrix and pass on the rules sooner rather than later.

Frida Ghitis: we know it has all the problems of the internet, probably times five or ten. She says he wrote it in a mirror post on the same day. Why don’t we think about it now? She says we have problems regulating tech companies will be reproduced and amplified.

There are no specific rules for the Metaverse until it is made clear. But, do plan to educate policymakers about crypto regulation. There are many ways to avoid making the same mistakes we did with social media.

The SEC has been suing cryptocurrency organizations 97 times since 2013 and 20 times in 2021. John Sutter: we have a right to expect our government to handle these things. When the Metaverse comes, it will be pretty extreme, he says.

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