PlaySide (ASX:PLY) earns $8.38m in revenue from ‘BEANS’ NFT launch


Playside’s first web 30 project dubbed BEANS generates 38 million dollars of net income. The company has sold 7,000 NFTs since it launched last Friday.

BEANS plans to leverage the Dumb Ways to promote the brand. BEANS aims to leverage the Dumb Ways to Die (DWTD) brand. The company acquired the DWTD brand for $2 in the first quarter, 25 million.

It also works on YouTube, TikTok, and the game. Beans have gained 80,000 followers on Discord since its debut in January. Play slide generated 38 million in revenue.

A small portion of those profits goes to creator’s royalty. The plan is to launch BEAN Pets for the fourth quarter of this financial year. Web 3 is the company’s first web 3. The 3D avatars are scheduled to launch in the second half of the year 23.

It will be released on the pc and then on the mobile platform in h2. The company is looking forward to working on an expansive set of projects that realize our vision.

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