BlockMonsters Debuts an Immersive One-stop GameFi – Headlines of Today


Blockmonsters is an adventure game that involves collecting and training NFT-based creatures called blockmons. The release date is September 2021, and the genre is fun, drawing in players to their childhood memories. 

Developers are adding more attack animations and animated blocksmons and incorporating changes suggested by the community. The Limited Drop of Trainer NFT’s is now available for mint. 

Early bird investors receive 20,000 trainers NFTs for 0. Each blockmonster trainer who has in-game multiplayer gives a player their own identity in the metaverse. Blockmonsters will drop booster packs periodically.  You can stake your $MNSTRS and earn 15 APY. 

Blockmon holders can stake NFT and earn XP and more $MNSTRS tokens. The game is inspired by PokemonGO and a blockchain game that has all this. Blockmon is going to be huge in 2022. Find all of the Blockmons into one place GameFi and gain $MNSTRS while trading NFT’s and fighting Blockchain games.

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