Bandai Namco is building a £96m interconnected “IP metaverse”


Bandai Namco has announced a midyear update. It’s anticipated that it will develop a metaverse for all IPs. The company plans on investing 15 billion yen in creating the metaverse.

Bandai Namco will create a virtual world that allows people to enjoy various IP media. We will build deep, broad, multifaceted connections that last for long periods and focus on the community by creating communities and utilising content.

Metaverse is getting a positive buzz at Fortnite Rebrand crossovers and the likes. An additional 25 billion yen is required to invest in new IP creation, remaking existing IP and creating metaverses.

Metaverse chose a colour from the questionnaires they sent to the employees. Red seems to attract people who have fun, act out, and be attractive. Bandai Namco IP Ridge Racer, Soul Calibur, Time Crisis, and Tekken. The new logo will be in use in April 2022. Later this month, they will have Elden Ring.

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