MetaGod Announces the Launch of Its Gamefi and Metaverse Platform


MetaGod, a London startup, has announced its GameFi and Metaverse platform, developing the platform. The offer is a single way to build and control their metaverse. From gamification to social interaction and entertainment to play to earn.

MetaGod will have a metaverse based on the card game Monopoly, which uses Binance as its smart chain network. Players can play multiple games, put out by publishers, on any map. The triple token system assists in creating the game ecosystem and gives gamers more.

The metaverse will feature an SDK where publishers can deploy all sorts of games. You may be able to play for prizes, return the money, or perform missions. The ecosystem will feature games such as Multiplayer Online Games, PvP Games, Strategy Games.

MetaGod says that play-to-earn gamification incentivization can open up a vast new door for users to immerse. The team behind MetaGod has already secured US$900,000 in investment from two venture capital firms. To run a viable business model, it is essential to have first startup funds in place.

Two companies are dx venture and moom studio. The first phase will receive a much better discount than the second round. MetaGod’s book titled The GameFi Revolution makes an important point about how prominent corporations control the gaming industry.

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