NFTs in M’sia this week: Selfies for sale, i-City to build an RM10mil metaverse attraction


Nickel City NF just held its first event in late January. The event was live-streamed and decorated with NFT (Metaverse) art from Neon City NFT Metaverse. A free NFT airdrop and a VIP pass for all attendees were a nice end to the event.

I-city theme park Metaverse will be popular with 10 million visitors the next year. Some NFT selfies are for sale, as these are done by artists who put their heart and soul into their designs. Don B took a selfie every day between 2020 and 22 to document.

He is merely looking to create a timelapse video for his YouTube channel. Pentas aims to keep digital assets preserving heritage, cultural, and traditional values. Co-founder and CEO of the marketplace, Irsyad Sayin, said the goal is to first expose NFTs.

Pentas plans to build a larger ecosystem where NFTs are used as utilities. They are working on several B2B projects, including royalties in the local recording industry.

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