The market for NFTs cannot be restricted by demographics: Anshul Ailawadi


NFTs | Viacom18, The Young, Music, and English Entertainment Cluster stepped into the fast-emerging NFTverse. The unique collectibles contain creations inspired by pop culture icons such as Roadies and Baba.

Aaron Carroll: NFTs is a digital art with the power of blockchain. He says the security of minting, transferring, and storing NFTs ensures the NFCs are protected. Carroll: if you put it up for sale or sale, it is worth more.

Viacom18’s campaign focuses on non-fungible tokens and how to trade them. Many promotional efforts are on online channels and in the air. People all over Ailawadi believe in the crypto revolution spreading across the country.

Digital natives have been mainly virtual in expression, interaction, and existence. The first non-fungible tokens of NFTs got much attention last year when digital artist beeple sold his NFT at Christie’s. NFTs originated from GenZ gamers who collect items in the virtual space and in-game purchases.

A 140 character tweet will be a rarity for loyalists and buffs. It is approximately 4 million today. If you post the NFT on a marketplace or social media, the world will know that is about the value of NFT now.

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