Karafuru NFT: Everything You Need To Know About These New Top NFTs


NFT – In less than two weeks, ‘Karafuru Collection’ has been a massive hit on NFTs. Since then, it has gained over 165,000 followers on Twitter and 85,000 members on the Discord server.

It has backed up its massive online presence with some awe-inspiring sales numbers. The mint in Karafuru was sold very quickly. You may spend 25 ETH every 10 minutes until you reach 0 or lower.

The mint has been selling since then. Karafuru is already in the top 45 for all-time sales volume. The style of the collection matched the super-colourful and vibrant style of WD. It’s a collaboration between WD and a local toy store.

Karafuru NFFs are twelve different characters from more than 1000 trait combos. Each character’s background and lore is displayed on the Karafuru discord server. PhantaBear and Hapebeaste are the only 2022 releases with similar hype or success.

The project needs a little push to mature, but the place it’s starting is excellent. A single thing is sure – Karafuru NFTs have experienced an incredible start, with extraordinary numbers since launch.

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