Metaverse to push data usage by 20X in 10 years; Jio, Airtel to gain: Report


The move from the digital ecosystem to MetaverseMetaverse will push the data usage 20 times across the globe. The traffic on the Internet is already 80% video and has been growing at a 30percent rate.

Even modest metaverse usage could drive a further 37 per cent CAGR in the next decade. It is expected that gaming will be the first to be used with the MetaverseMetaverse. The platform 5G would support MetaverseMetaverse. However, 6G will expand to MetaverseMetaverse as well.

A metaverse is a virtual world that is based on a real-time map. In India, gaming is in the early stages because cheaper phones and 4G data services are available. Mobile Internet is still the easiest way for Indian users to get online, though there is relatively little use for fixed broadband.

India is one of the leading countries globally in terms of the number of hours spent on mobile per day. It is too early to determine which players will benefit the most from MetaverseMetaverse this decade. Broadband penetration in India is expected to rise to 9 per cent by the end of fiscal FY22 this year.

6 % of the anticipated demand for data in FY25E could reach twelve. The need for a speedy improvement in the usage of fibre optic infrastructure is driving the demand for fibre optic data. It has not hit low penetration yet, but it could reach 12 by the end of the year.

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