AI is key to unlocking metaverse, says Mark Zuckerberg as Meta lays out moves to build the virtual world


There are growing questions concerning whether metaverse investments will pay off. Meta changed its name from Facebook last year to emphasize its shifting focus. There are also increasing questions regarding whether metaverse investments will work. 

Metaverse is a 3D virtual world where people interact with sensors and headgear. Fierce rivals like apple, google, and Microsoft appears poised to compete with Meta. Meta’s first metaverse platform, Horizon Worlds, allows people to socialize virtually. 

At a conference, the metaverse is beyond what is possible today, said Zachberg. That will require advances in a range of areas from hardware devices to software for building and exploring worlds. Zuckerberg believes artificial intelligence can unlock these advances. 

Future platforms will need to understand virtual worlds and translate them into many languages. A team of engineers, designers, and scientists are building the foundations for immersive computingApple is rumoured to be making its mix of reality headlights. 

Meta is a Facebook-based company with multiple platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, VR headsets, and Oculus Rift. The value of Meta shares fell on Wednesday for the first time in nearly two years to below $200.

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