Mark Zuckerberg Too Busy Reinventing Agriculture In The …


He changed the name of his company Facebook to Metaverse to help the users of his platforms in their transition to online life. Overell’s hope that the entire world would break up and become online have been shattered.

Online spaces where people can spend time, work, and play as their avatar using cryptocurrencies, not real money. It is like real life, but online, but with cryptocurrencies

Digital spaces are shared, available, and advertised as more than just a break from the daily pressures of not being a multibillionaire. It appears that Mark Zuckerberg of the metaverse is so enthralled with chasing down digital fields that he notices the world. 

The chubby neckbeards are tasked with doing this week, Zuckerberg posted a video update on metaverse. He was taking a break from his online reality show. 

We have mastered domesticating our online horses and ploughing fields to grow potatoes and grain. The metaverse is off to another level, with a new breed of horses.

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