GameFi Protocol X Rush Concludes Seed Funding Led by KuCoin Ventures as CertiK Starts Auditing Its Contracts

X Rush

X Rush is a play-to-earn ecosystem. It has successfully completed its fundraising.  The company is now valued at $10 million.  All investments and trades are risky, so you should research carefully. 

X Rush is a decentralized, NFTcentric racing game.  The game is easy to learn and play.  a seed funding round was led by KuCoin Ventures. You must compete for the top scores to earn Xbox tokens for testing on testnet.  The majority of the funds will be spent on the marketing and promotion of the game.  

Smart-Contract Security is Under Certification Review 

After this funding round, xRush will have its smart contract audited by Certik, the biggest blockchain security provider.  Core Citricians will be the ones that test the architecture and security of xRush. 

Certik audits all major Defi protocols and marketplaces for nonfungible protocols. The game XRUSH has a Rallying ecosystem with NFTs.  All fans of decentralized esports can now monetize their skills with X Rush.

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