Ukrainian Flag NFT Sells for $6.4m in Ether as Part of Aid Efforts


Ukrainian flag NFT sells for $6.4m in Ether as part of aid efforts & 64 Ether is equivalent to six dollars.  The National flag was purchased by the Russian punk rock group Pussy Riot.  Protesters raised four million dollars to help the people of Ukraine.

About 3271 people polled their money to bid on NFTs.  Anyone who donated will receive a large number of Loving tokens, making them equal ownership of NFT.  It is not necessary to claim the $LOVE token until the NFT fractionalization occurs in the Metaverse.  

Stay away from scams until we post the official token address. UkraineDAO suggests that love tokens should be a symbol of the donation.  It will go to the Return Alive Foundation, which has connections to the Ukrainian Military.

Crypto is not permitted nor regarded as a border element.  The biggest bank in Russia, Sberbank, blocks Russians from sending donations to Ukrainian funds.  

Ukraine has a lot of trouble with their banking system because clearly, they are in a state of war. We do not want corporations or governments to decide for us what to do with our funds. 

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