Orbs Expands to Fantom to Enhance L3 DeFi Capabilities


The Fantom blockchain is a growing force in the decentralized finance industry focusing Gamefi.  News file Corp. is one of the largest decentralized financial services companies in the world. Orb’s vision is to create broader interoperability between different blockchains and ecosystems. 

 Integration with Fantom, a promising blockchain for decentralized finance, is a possibility. The year 2021 has been a great year for Fantom, the EVM compatible environment now has over 100 applications installed on the network. 

It is the fifth-largest blockchain by DeFi Television, with an estimated cost of over $7,000.  5 billion Fantom has become a metaverse for existing DeFi protocols to branch out to. Orbs are now a multichain asset on all major blockchains.  

It has a larger use case and allows collaborations with top decentralized finance protocols.  The addition permits additional collaborations to leverage Orbs L3 capability. Orbs is a decentralized protocol that is executed by a public network of permissionless validators using Proof of Stake consensus.  

Its mainnet and token became available in March 2019.  orb’s decentralized nodes and their interoperability with EVM compatible blockchains make it a separate execution layer to execute.

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