Why American Eagle is Looking to be an Early Adopter in Metaverse-Based Marketing and Sales


American Eagle will be joining Gen Z and Roblox this spring.  The company forecasts $5 million in 2021 in apparel sales.  It also forecasts another $2 million from its holiday augmented reality initiative with Snapchat. 

Brommers refuses to detail precise dollar figures. 100% of its ad budget is spent digitally, and about 10% is on innovations.  Advertising will receive six million dollars by 2021, more than five million dollars a year ago. 

Metaverse is full of fashion and apparel brands.  If achieved, it could reach eight million by 2020.  The media company that got on YouTube compares early in the metaverse to YouTube early.  

It’s a great entry point for brands in Metaverse and NFT marketplace, says Emily Safian-Demers, editor at Wunderman Thompson Intelligence. American Eagle isn’t interested in simply marketing in the metaverse this spring.  the company employs about ten people on metaverse marketing.  

Mekanism chief social officer says new platforms make it easier to build an audience. ‘Spending money to expand a community does not happen.  Spend some time and effort to understand Web3 metaverse right now, when the stakes are low.

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