Using On-Chain Data to Boost GameFi Projects


Gamefi is a mix of gaming and DeFi.  It includes blockchain technology, NFTs, and tokens.  Every day users have their actions.  Every week users have a bitcoin every week playing soccer 6. 

Project data from the user perspective can help in tracking front-end customer acquisition.  Players are the number of users in a games project.  that is what keeps gamefi working.  

Growth from Project

Every stage of a project is bound to generate large amounts of user growth. If it has not worked, it is likely a problem with customer acquisition or something.  MetaverseMiner is performing well, but is slowing down and needs to work out new tactics in order to maintain the metaverse and NFT marketplace.  

If you have a small user base, the increase in the user count is going to be obvious. Per capita transaction volume shows the amount of user participation there is.  An increase or decrease in the volume of transactions can assist in making better decisions.  

If the average transaction amount is high then you can develop your project on Ethereum. Footprint analytics is a blockchain visualization and insight platform. It contains more than 1000 dashboard templates and allows anyone to quickly create their own charts.  

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