FantomStarter to Host 3 GameFi Projects on its Multi-chain Investment dApp


FantomStarter features a combination of Gamefi, NFTs, and AR/VR technology.  The brands GAGI, PENNENT Arts, and StumbleUpon are also sponsoring this metaverse project, Spring 2022.  We have completed 6 projects since we started, and there are some great things to be done. 

About GAMI

GAMI is a blockchain gaming studio that offers players AR VR NFT gameplay and rewards them for their experience.  ‘Penguin Karts’ has over 500,000 downloads on google play.  

There’s kart racing, play to earn NFT dynamic, and the players get rewarded for their efforts. Penguin Karts is funded by over 32 investors, backers, and partnerships.  Players can experience competition as they have never before.  

All of them are on NFTs. We want to bring the best projects to our users where they are, a chain we have yet to grow to or even a real project.  People should review incentives as they are essential to our economic system.  

GMI Penguin Karts follow it on Twitter @fantamstarter. is their official blog.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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