Universal Music Pays $361K for Bored Ape NFT to Lead Virtual Band


Bored Ape number 5537 will head the label named Kingship to the metaverse, founded by BAYC in November.  The band is purely digital with a Discord for fans to gather around. Virtual bands aren’t new, though, in the music industry. 

 The group Gorillaz has been going strong since 1998.  A Mutant Ape and a Boring Ape were all loaned from collector Jim McNeil. One of Japan’s pop stars, Hassune Miki, is a hologram.

 Universal Music is seeking to be successful by putting out a good mix of music and good-loving people. 1022pm hopes to guide the group into developing and releasing new music, community-based products, and experiences in the Metaverse.  

The label serves as an experimental environment in which to experiment with new forms of entertainment emerging out of the internet 3. 

Joshua says he and his team will work with Kingship to sharpen their vision.  Each person has a unique personality and story that contributes to Kingship’s overall narrative.

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