OpenSea | What It Is, Features, Benefits, And More


The open sea is a decentralized NFT marketplace specializing in trading digital assets.  It started in late 2017 by ven finzer and Alex Atallah.  Opensea is one of the largest buys of NFTs. The platform has two million active users and 200 categories to filter its nfts.  

OpenSea || Ethereum Blockchain

It is a simple to use Ethereum blockchain which is one of the most secure ever.  Opensea currently supports other blockchains, such as polygon and klaytn. Anyone can buy an NFT after completing all the data validation and biometric ID steps. 

 Of course, they can create their own and sell them.  If you have an existing connection that has not changed much then you can buy it from a retail store.  Once you click on the piece you are interested in, you should be able to find out. 

The best bid got the NFT at the end of the auction period.  Remember, you will pay for the gas because the open sea charges for it.  Presently, you can only create one NFT in opensea at a time.  If you are making five different versions of the same work, add edition number to stats. 

You do not need to pay gas because creating an NFT is free.  When you click on the creation link, your first name will be located under the search bar.  If you need to edit anything, just click on pencil at the upper right corner of the NFT. 

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