Charles & Ron And Arize Partnership: Handbag From The Comfort


The platform features a network of skilled 3D artists, offering the perfect expertise for a variety of creative pursuits.  Businesses can create 3D experiences for all devices without having to download any app or integrate.

Charles and Ron are partners with ARIZE and they are setting the bar for fashion as they were already announced.  Check out this tweet from Arize and check out Cnn. Com/artists/tweets. The Chloe Bag was put into augmented reality 3D so that people could see them from home.

People must only use a small handheld device or there should be no other software or applications to drown themselves in.  View the bag from any comfortable location, including your own home, workplace, or apartment.

Using your mobile phone’s QR code reader on a desktop, scan the QR code provided.  Tap the blue AR button at the top right-hand corner to turn it around, zoom in, out of handbag view, texture.

Tap the screen, take pictures of it, save it to your camera roll, and share it on other popular websites.  Arize Metaverse is the top provider creator of 3D/AR.  You can view Arize, our products, and services, or you can email us at [email protected].

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