Metaverse Economy Could Be Worth £10tn By 2030 – Citi


The metaverse economy could be anywhere from $8trn to $13tn in 2030. The world’s GDP had made $84.7tn in 2020. The metaverse could be a digital population of up to five billion people.
How can the money be used in a metaverse future? Digital currencies, nfts, and other such things are going to be important. The digital infrastructure of the internet would have to be developed significantly.
Metaverse is not a VR kind of web, it is the next generation of the internet. It connects the physical and digital worlds in one place. We expect a lot of technology for the virtual world to come true.
Bantanidis drew a comparison between an open and a closed metaverse. She claims that Meta, formerly Facebook, is a big tech company. On the other side, she described an open metaverse built on web3.
Facebook rebranded last year, but companies have tried to push the button in the new part of the web. The button could be an open, borderless version of the technology.

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