Gamefi Platform & Play-To-Earn Guild, Polemos, Closes US $14m At $100m Valuation


Polemos is one of the fastest-growing platforms and play-to-earn guilds on the huge global Gamefi market.  It has a total of 24 billion players worldwide, and 2 billion gamers.

Five million unique wallets interacting daily with NFT games cost four bucks.  Leading platforms and guilds are there.  Polemos will revolutionize gaming by bridging the Esports and DeFi communities.

We believe blockchain gaming is going to be the largest top-of-funnel opportunity for onboarding new users into Polemos.  Polemos released a whitepaper in late 2021 declaring its strategy to build the world’s first game platform to allow any individual or group to connect.

Polemos is a decentralized game platform governed by a Polemos token.  For every token sold, a foundation will donate one percent to the local community of guild members.  Polemos University will also open in the next quarter.

Polemos allows anyone to connect to the blockchain game platform and make money off of idle NFT gaming assets.  The guild aims to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and play for economic gain by creating a competitive global team of players from aspiring beginners.

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