Stankevicius Will Release Social Media Metaverse for Crypto


Stankevicius has been keeping an eye on the crypto & metaverse industry since 2016.  He is now entering the next phase of business innovation by stepping forward.  The company has been working with blockchain clients for years.

Stankevicius will attempt to disrupt social media with Metaverse.  Social media companies have been losing engagement and appeal in recent years.  Web3 is geared around the cryptocurrency and NFT space that making the entire industry very interesting and sexy.

Stankevicius believes web 3 is a valuable component of social media.  The company will release Metaverse on social media in the summer of 2022.  We will provide enhanced solutions for content sharing and for transactional needs.

Stankevicius MGM and X are a group of blockchain companies.  The group was able to organize strategic media campaigns for capital raising.  Later in 2022, the group will be releasing a sub-media division, too.

A company can go public with crypto and raise capital for private equity.  The Stankevicius Group has been in the business since 2014.  It already has a lot of top-tier NFT projects and cryptocurrencies.

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