Sky Mavis Announces Global Early Access Release Of Axie Infinity


Sky Mavis Axie Infinity Global Early Access Release Battles v3.  With more than one million daily active users, the game boosts five million.  Players can collect, collect, and trade digital pets called axies.

Players in Axie Infinity Origin can enjoy new game mechanics, interfaces, art, special effects, and storylines.  Extensive gameplay tutorials and free starter axes are included. Sky Mavis boss Trung Nguyen is working hard to make gameplay more sustainably.

He also says he is looking for feedback from players with actual gameplay data.  This will help him make this the best experience possible. Origin is not offering SLP AXS prizes during early access.

After the initial period of access has expired, all progress made will be reset.  Sky Mavis is working toward a full launch with SLP rewards, in the future, it plans to launch Origin on the iOS and Android app stores after an initial do not know.

Axie Classic Battles 2 will continue to run parallel rewards. A spokesman for the company said the company is not yet sure if it will launch on the NFT marketplace.

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