MekaRim All Set To Launch A Huge NFT Project With a Unique and Gripping Concept


MekaRim is the first multi metaverse game to earn 3D aliens.  It is a collection of 10 000 generative Jacobs NFTs with hundreds of elements.  All the art depicts an avatar of the player in this 3D P2E game.

The Makarap Jamegers originated at the bottom of deep oceans, not near stars.  A portal separates dimensions to mark humans as their next targets.  Humans have joined forces with these new allies to stand up against the aliens.

The MekaRim NFT Roadmap gives insight into what the future looks like.  The gamers are pumped with ideas and concepts that create a sensation.  Meka Ships Airdrop and Mint will be launched in Q3 2022.

Full gameplay will be released during the third and fourth quarters of 2023.  The main characters will be the main players in the game due out in Q3 2022.  You’re the NFTs.

MekaRim is a multi-cultured team of individuals representing different.  They are very skilled in developing blockchain games, 3D designing, animation, and advertising.  In addition, they will release a token as well as a full game.

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