Sylvester Stallone Drops SLYGuys NFTs To Interact With His Fans


The blockbuster is starting his own metaverse called Planets lyguys.  He has a new collection of NFT called Sylvester Stanallone.  It is made only for fans.

‘It is exciting that I am able to engage with my fans in a new way,’ said Stallone.  It is rare that a Hollywood actor such as Rocky and Rambo is viewed on the internet3.

The song planet sly was written by Sylvester Stallone as a tribute to his career and life.  The song was created by the singer himself.  I received 9997 sly guy’s nfts, over 250 amazing things, crazy weapons, and boxing gloves.

Sly guy owners will receive exclusive access to real-life benefits and events.  Stallone offers to autograph 25 of the rarest sly guy NFTs.

Only those who were invited to the pre-sale will be able to participate.  If you post your favorite of Stallone’s and share it with everyone on social media.

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