Emirates To Launch NFTs, Expand Metaverse Offerings


Emirates will soon be launching the NFT game in the metaverse and will be offering leading experiences in the latest digital spaces for customers and employees.  Emirates will be launching a range of digital experiences for customers, employees, and buyers. 

Emirates VR & NFTs

The UAE only states that the NFTs will be collectible and utility-based.  The United Arab emirates only say that the NFTs are collectible. They stated that they are looking to launch their nfts in the coming months.  

They said that they will launch their nfts on a whim in January.  However, they have not yet announced a launch date for their products. The first virtual reality app spawned in the world was launched last year on the oculus store.  

The app is the first to be released in the US Emirates VR experience is free to download so people can virtually look inside airplanes.  People of Islamic values will build on it by creating new brand experiences in the metaverse.

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