While StepN Is Becoming Popular All Over The World, Another Sports Event Parkour Is Popular


Parkour world avalanche smart chain is the first social and element gamefi project on avax.  Players can get pkt and pktv from two resources.  Parkour helps the technical team in Avax to develop and land rapidly with innovative models and playing methods independently. 

Parkour is a social game with NFC and token brands.  A parkour player can cross 0 and get nft sneakers for free, which will bring high returns.  Parkour will likely become an Avax star NFT project based on the mature gamefi ecology of the avalanche chain. 

Parkour is the first game on Avas, it’s gamefi ecologic land which gives parkour an important role.  If it can make users willing to spend money on skin and props without seeking financial return the game must be sustainable. 

In 2022, the online fitness industry increased by 35%.  If parkour games can grow in this field, it means it can promote many millions of people to enter the web 3 field. 

Parkour’s club game is a community governing token, generally made through a club.  Parkour is full of good stuff, it’s invisible, has strong technical support, a perfect economic model, anti-cheating system.

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