Minting of Zetrix-based NFTs Now Enabled on NFT Pangolin


Xinghao Bif is china’s largest national NFT blockchain network.  Led by CAICT, it runs government as well as commercial programs.  With investments exceeding billions of Renminbi, it has been used successfully in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Guangzhou.

Minting NFTs with Zetrix results in fewer greenhouse gases because of blockchain’s Proof of Stake PBFT + DPOS.  You will have a lower gas cost when minting a digital asset on zetrix, and Xinghua is compatible with Ethereum

Digital assets were born on Ethereum and use its smart contracts to create a unique copy for any digital object.  Zetrix supports NFT for all digital creators and wants to grow the space there as well.  NFT pangolin is coming out with these soon, and it’s their way of converting people into digital assets.

 Zetrix is a global NFT marketplace for regional creators to issue and sell their unique crypto secured assets.  NFT Pangolin aims to be the leading regional marketplace driving creative, innovative collaborations and boundary-pushing campaigns in the NFT space. 

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