POPKON, Participating As A Live Streaming Partner Of ‘NFT, Metaverse, Gamefi 2022’


POKEMON is a blockchain-based P2E project.  As a partner, POPKON tv will participate as the live streaming site NFT, metaverse, and gamefi 2022 are the first Asian largest conferences. Popular names in the field such as crypto.  

Comgala, games, Cointelegraph, yahoo finance, and Bloomberg.  In addition, the most popular names such as bitcoin. Comgala and games. The project is a social-fi project and is meant to be a two-way live streaming platform. 

 It connects content creators and viewers through the combination of NFT, MTV, and gamefi Asia. The project is focused more on developing in line with web 3.  One way to get 0 is by streaming live with blockchain.  

0 will be released on Wednesday, November 14. The right combination of decentralization and centralization will help the POPKON project take a great leap forward in providing a variety of programs.  The website for POKON partners is www. pokconpartners.org.

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