Bawal Clan Announce New Album, ‘Tales From Tha Crypt, Vol. 1’


Bawal Clan, a Filipino rap group, has announced a new album.  The album is due for release on all major streaming metaverse, on Friday, the 29th. Yung Bawal, head producer, says he simply wants to let people enjoy the music

 “Art is art.  It is supposed to be open to interpretation,” he adds.  He says the music has a mix of old and new songs all with their unique vibe. Bawal clan most recently released a song, bangogot in October 2020, before big fat. 

Litas collated with owfuck on may and may also.  ‘that beat,’ was named one of the best Asian albums of 2020 by NME. Young bawal and the bawal clan have plans for the future and are presenting solo projects, all by their members. 

The big fat disk is Nagasaki, Yung bawal, ankhten brown, nuevo, lex luthoor, and hidden leaf sound system. The song knowledge in the tank is by young bawal ankhten brown with the song ‘DZ SVG’ animals include  Yung Bawal, Anish Brown, Malli, Rjay Ty, Agent2K, and D.

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